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An Ask Blog AU where Cas and Dean from Supernatural adopt Stiles from Teen Wolf.

This blog is run by two artists so sudden changes in art styles may occur.

Reminder: Ask box is currently closed. We're trying our best to go through all your questions at the moment.


"No, Dean."

"Now, Genim, these are DADDY’S toys. Didn’t we get you your own toys to play with?”

"Fiiiiiiiine. But can I give this one to Derek? Green is his favorite color."

Hey, guys! We’re opening our askbox again but just over the weekend. We still have several questions to answer but some new ones would be nice.

We’re all ready working on how Stiles was adopted, so best keep those questions for now c:

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Happiness and our gratitude is a sure fire way to float into the sun

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"I’m sure he’ll be a bright young man in the future. Unlike his room."

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Scrolling a bit throught the Onion Family tag was fun, there’s not a lot there atm, but we did find some stuff and wanted to share that with you guys :D So we reblogged them for everyone else to see c:

We’d love to show everyone your fanfic/art/work, so feel free to tag your posts with Onion Family :D

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SPN/TW Crossover - Destiel adopts Stiles and Sterek happens

I havn’t posted anything that made sense the days while I was sick, apologies. 

And I made this when I was half-asleep.

My partner linked me this video earlier, turns out the original creator made a post and tagged it with Onion Family! This is so cool 8D And thank you fawnsyowl! I haven’t heard that song in such a long time—it’s nice to hear it again, and now I can add it to my playlist!

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